PSD To WordPress Conversion

Initial Project Launch

We start the development process with having our designers load up layered PSD files, images, fonts and images to a Dropbox folder. We’ll review the design and let you know if we have any questions or concerns about the functionality of the design on the web.

The next step for us is to create the layout, styles and typography in a custom WordPress theme. The theme is named after your client’s website and credit for the theme is given to your studio.

After we have the layout complete, we load up all of the text content for each of the pages, including images galleries. We then move on to add any additional plugins needed to make the site function in the way your client envisioned.

First Draft

After 1-2 days, your initial draft will be complete. We’ll send you a link to a test site to review the design and request any corrections needed before providing your clients with a link to review the site.

Once your changes have been implemented, you are responsible for communicating with your client about the design, and gathering any changes or corrections they wish to see made. Once those are gathered and sent to us, we implement them within one day and send you an email to let you know that the site is ready for final review and to be pushed live with approval.

Going Live

Once we have approval to push a site live, it will usually take place in the same day. In some instances where we have to transfer files and databases to an external host (usually when a client has their own hosting), it may take an additional day to complete the process.

So, How Much Does All This Cost?

A website that does not require custom plugins to be programmed or purchased will almost always fall into a basic development package. In some rare instances, we may need to purchase a premium plugin or provide customized plugin development for functionality that doesn’t already exist.

Our basic WordPress development without custom or premium plugins is $450 for the complete site.